The Ski Buggy Story

When my first child was a few months old and winter was around the corner, I started looking for a way that I could get out skiing and snowshoeing with the little guy.  I didn’t want to do less of these activities; I wanted to do more and share the experience with my expanding family.  Putting him in a backpack didn’t seem safe because I tend to fall when I cross country ski and I often snowshoe on rugged terrain.  Plus, it would be a lot to carry a kid, water, snacks, extra clothes, a thermos, diapers, etc., not to mention a sibling or friend in the future. 


Oh, the Chariot trailer with a ski conversion kit looked pretty nice but out of my budget, since I would have to buy a new trailer plus the conversion kit.


So, I started tinkering around with the bike trailer that we had been riding around with all summer to see if I could get it to work on the snow.  Many late nights in the garage later, I was ready to take my trailer and baby boy skiing.  We went out with some friends who were impressed, even envious.  It handled everything- packed snow, steep banks, deep powder, downed trees, uphill, downhill, cross-slope.  I was psyched! 


My buddy suggested that I write up a set of directions to sell on eBay.  I started right in on that, but realized that designing a system that is universal to work with any bike trailer was a huge challenge.  I spent the next year experimenting with different designs and materials and testing prototype after prototype after prototype.  My son was always an eager participant for my research and development missions, even though sometimes we didn’t make it far due to a system or design malfunction . . . back to the garage!


I even took a prototype on a backcountry ski hut trip that winter, using it to haul two people’s gear.  It worked great, way better than shouldering a heavy pack.


I had finally come up with a design that works well with any trailer and began selling directions packaged with a few custom components.  Some customers reported back that they had trouble finding all of the hardware components where they live.  The obvious next step was to provide a package containing all of the necessary hardware along with detailed assembly directions.  Back to the garage.             `


I am now proud to offer the Build-Your-Own Ski Buggy Quick Conversion Kit hardware package for people who have the time, space, tools, and an old pair of skis.  And for those who would rather open a box and go, there’s the Fully-Assembled Ski Buggy Quick Conversion Kit.  No need for a garage!


Most recently, I have filed a patent application for the Ski Buggy design and system features.  I also discovered that the Ski Buggy kit is compatible and works great with any jogging stroller.


This winter I look forward to my son getting around on his own skis and joining his sister in the Ski Buggy when he gets tired.  And maybe another hut trip, too. I hope that you will get as much joy pulling around a Ski Buggy as I have the past few years.                                                                                        


Happy trails!

Charlie Love, Ski Buggy inventor and proprietor